Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The first crush?

When did life get so busy that 4 months goes by in a blink?  I wish I were better at keeping up on this.  We've been crazy with piano, scouts, Young men, primary, gymnastics, band and more band!  And girls choir....oh and parties lots of holiday parties.  Every time I look at the calendar for a break it seems like there isn't one.  It seems like I keep saying next week every week.

We just got back from Sydney's first gymnastics meet.  She did absolutely fabulous and I'm going to post pictures as soon as I download them.  It was a long weekend with no school on Monday and I took the kids out Friday for Sydney's meet.  I'll tell more about it in it's own post, but really I wanted to write down what my cute Abby said today.

When I picked the girls up from school for piano lessons today they got in the car and Abby gave me some interesting information.  Sydney has a friend Maddie from school who just lives up the road and apparently they had a conversation that Abby wanted to tell me about.

Abby:  Sydney's friend Maddie says she wants to marry Jacob and have beautiful babies together.

Me:  Oh?  Does she have a crush on Jacob?

Sydney:  Maybe...

Abby:  Nah, she's just weird.

I started laughing.  Then when Jacob got into the car I told him that Abby had shared a little news with me about Maddie and did he hear about it.

He gets a big smile on his face and says...She called me her prince and said she was my princess and asked me to protect her from Sydney.  I said if there was a dragon she'd better be careful because I would feed her to it.

Apparently the crush is one sided.

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